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Art has been indispensable for all of us throughout the ages. Sometimes it caressed our souls with a work from a painter’s dream, sometimes with a sculpture, and perhaps most of all with music. Sometimes we found ourselves in an opera, sometimes in the melodies of a street artist. Of these melodies, perhaps our hearts were most excited by the accordion, also known as the “Street Instrument”. Don’t be fooled by being described as a street instrument! Of course, this is not because the accordion is an inferior instrument. On the contrary, they are a masterpiece in themselves with their very complex structure! Let’s take a look at the journey of this polyphonic instrument before moving on to the content of the Galata Art Accordion Course.

Accordion is an instrument that produces sound by compressing the bellows in which air is stored and hitting the metal blades. It is a very loud instrument thanks to the chord buttons located in the bellows section where air is stored. Invented in the early 19th century, this instrument was given its final form by C. Buffett. We actually know this instrument, which is the national instrument of many nations, closer than we thought. The reason for this is, of course, that it is an indispensable part of the Balkan and Caucasian music that we are very familiar with!

Accordion course is an art education that attracts a lot of attention because it is an instrument loved by many of us. As Galata Sanat, we have made it our duty to offer you the best quality of this education! As in every path we have taken, we have progressed on this path by recruiting competent instructors in their field to provide you with the most qualified training. To have all this and more, all you have to do is fill out the free trial lesson form! Afterwards, you can open the doors of this world of art yourself and find answers to all the questions in your mind!

We are here to answer your questions!

  1. Who Can Play the Accordion?

Accordion or accordion is an instrument that any individual who desires can play with enough effort. We believe that anyone who is physically capable of carrying the accordion can take an accordion course, regardless of any conditions. If you want to test yourself before buying an accordion, you can visit our store or take a free trial lesson!

  1. Is There an Ideal Age to Play the Accordion?

We do not have any age limit for accordion lessons at Galata Sanat. The ideal age to play the accordion is the age when you realize that you want to play this instrument! Accordion is an instrument of certain weight that must be carried with physical strength. For this reason, our prospective students must have the physical ability to carry the instrument. For young students who want to receive training from us, we test their muscle development in our free trial lesson. As a result, if we deem it sufficient, we accept registration. Otherwise, we prefer to postpone accordion training for our little friends in order not to negatively affect their muscle development.

  1. How soon can I master the accordion?

It is not possible for us to tell you a specific time here. This is a process that depends entirely on your determination and planned work. You should not forget here that the important thing is to do regular repetitions. Instead of devoting five hours to this one day a week, it will be much more productive for you to spend one hour three days a week. You can be sure that this process will go very easily if you apply the practices deemed necessary for you by our instructors who do not spare their support in your learning process. If you would like to determine your own education level and get an expert opinion, you can fill out the form now for a free trial lesson!

  1. Is it difficult to play the accordion?

The learning journey with Galata Art Center is not a challenging process. As with every instrument, there are different methods and exercises that need to be applied in accordion training. As long as you follow these steps regularly, playing the accordion will become a success rather than a dream!

  1. How are Accordion Lessons Taught at Galata Art Center?

As Galata Sanat, we offer accordion training in two different ways: face-to-face lessons in our centers and online accordion courses. In both cases, our lessons are student-focused and one-on-one private lessons. When you register, a lesson plan will be arranged on the days and times that suit you. Afterwards, your training process continues steadily within this set plan. This is valid both in our centers and in our trainings given as online courses. In addition to your one-on-one private lessons, you can attend group solfege lessons free of charge. If you want to get more detailed information, you can call us and make an appointment!

  1. How Much Are Accordion Lesson Fees?

As Galata Sanat, we create the most affordable prices by taking into account the quality and fully equipped training we provide. Our centers are conveniently located for transportation and our prices are based on the quality of our training.

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